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Over the years in our search for new sources and outlets, we have developed a comprehensive network providing us with wide ranging human resources.  

E & L GENERAL SERVICES LTD has developed into a gathering point for international human resources.  We try to match our Employers with the right Employee in all respects.  Our established and long-standing affiliation with international recruitment offices in Vietnam; Sri Lanka; Philippines; China; and East European countries like Bulgaria, & Romania  offers us almost unlimited resources in volume, variety and quality which gives us a degree of flexibility.


We have a wide-ranging clientele with varied needs, thus, we offer a flexible service depending on our client’s specific requirements.

Our procedures with each new client are:

  •     First, to identify as to what degree our services is required

  •     Second, to establish a full range of criteria our prospective employee must meet successfully

  •     Third, to offer our client the best possible options to choose from  

  •     Fourth, after selection of the successful candidate, we deliver our client’s new employee with all possible haste and minimal effort on the client’s part

We are capable of dealing with the full process of gainful employment from start to finish as needed by each client.   
This includes:

  •   All immigration and migration considerations from both the source country and the destination country,

  •   Documentation for relevant authorities,

  •   All travel arrangements and requirements,

  •   Negotiation of full employment package

We have found that our experience in the field of recruitment has given us knowledge, which offers us a common understanding with the varied nationalities, and mind sets that will inevitably be encountered in our business.  It is our aim to provide a quality service, providing the right candidates whose experience, expectations and skills match what the client is seeking. We try to give the best possible recruitment choices, even at short notice, to help build business whilst assisting candidates in career growth and helping to support the industry as a whole.

We, therefore, offer our expertise and knowledge to be utilized according to the client’s needs.

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